"Interprofessional collaboration is defined as practice and education where individuals from two or more professional backgrounds meet, interact, learn together, and practice with the client at the center of care." 

Collaborative Relationships

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the Interprofessional Community. It is the ultimate measure of success; for you, your client/patient, and for the community. 

We work together to develop, test, and publish best practices in interprofessional collaboration. 

Collaborative Projects
Our professionals continue to find opportunities to create and participate in collaborative projects. Current collaborative projects include: Practice-Based research, Podcast/Article/Book Projects, and collaborative workshops/events 

Networking vs. Collaboration

We differentiate between networking and collaboration.  We understand networking to be transactional.  It can often be approached as a short-term means of attaining new clients, without considering the colleague or the client’s best interest.  

We understand collaboration to be relational.  It is approached as a long-term relationship built around the client’s best interest.  While collaboration inevitably leads to practice growth, it is always the result of greater client care and management.

The Interprofessional Community of Pasadena has already recognized the need for collaborative practice and has embraced initiatives to work towards best practices as an interprofessional group. I was impressed with the collegiality of the group. This is a meeting of many great minds and experts in their fields, willing to share, and willing to learn about other areas, in order to improve the lives of their patients.
— — Valerie L. Quan, OD, FAAO; Associate Professor, College of Optometry Chief, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Services Eye Care Institute at Western University of Health Sciences