An Interprofessional Paradigm

Your profession may have a dominant paradigm which filters and informs your client care. Most professionals have one of three lenses through which they measure health: physical lens (i.e. surgical, rehab, adjustments), biochemical lens (i.e. drugs, supplements, herbs), and a mental health lens (i.e. talk therapy, education, counseling).

Differentiated & Connected

Create rapid professional growth by learning about familiar topics from new perspectives which and disciplinary lenses. Learn from professionals outside of your discipline, as we discuss multiple perspectives on important topics like: Anxiety, Concussion, Women’s Health, Brain Health, Autoimmunity and more! 

Tools and Resources

We provide 3 Main Avenues for Knowledge-Sharing:  Bi-monthly Grand Rounds, Quarterly Speaker Events, and Web-based Resources. We also have rapidly growing member-sponsored projects including Holistic Professional Mixers, Practice-based Research Workshops, and more.

This community explores relevant health topics at a grassroots level, which informs our practice and improves our patient care. helps us all realize the need to see outside our own profession, learn to better collaborate, and better refer.
— Yoshi Rahm, D.O.; Oasis Family Medicine, Inc